Purina Sporting Dog -  A top performing dog is the result of all the right factors coming together: genetics, training, exercise, a diligent and dedicated handler or owner, and nutrition a dog can thrive on. The Purina Sporting Dog site offers a wealth of information including a Sporting Dog Library for research and a Sporting Dog Theater with video to learn more about the proper training and care of your sporting dog. Enjoy!!
The Pointing Dog Journal - Ever since our first issue in 1993, The Pointing Dog Journal has been recognized as The Sporting Dog Authority by serious pointing dog people around the world. And there’s a reason for that: We are all — editors, authors, and photographers — real pointing dog people. We produce this great magazine from the grouse and woodcock country of northern Michigan, not the concrete canyons of Los Angeles or New York. This isn’t just what we do for a living, it’s our life; it’s who we are and it shows in every issue.
The Upland Journal - The forum remains the heart-and-soul of the Upland Journal and boasts over 2000 registered Members and countless Guests and Visitors. This expansive board has become THE place for upland bird hunters to share knowledge, gain information, and just plain shoot the breeze.
Versatile Dogs - was created to promote the sporting breeds through viewer feedback and participation by people who use their dog for what they were bred for - hunting! You can learn more about your breed and training your dog, find a kennel or litter, and socialize in the forum when the days get long. We want to enourage you to post your input on your favorite breed, useful dog information, and help answer other owner's questions.
Power Dog Supply Company - PowerDog is a new and innovative company in the gun dog supply industry. Though starting with a small product line, PowerDog hopes to expand its inventory and reputation, one satisfied customer at a time. As a testament to PowerDog’s No. 1 priority, customer satisfaction, all orders at least *$50 will include shipping. Consider it a token of appreciation for your business.
Modern Sportsman - has over 3 dozen active forums covering a wide variety of topics of interest to the Outdoors Enthusiast including Hunting, Fishing, Bird Dog Breeding, Training, and Test/Trialing as well as Gun Value Appraisals.
The American Field - The American Field has followed the field trial sport in America since 1874. The field trial past time encompasses several facets of the game, from horseback stakes to walking events, on every upland gamebird— quail, pheasant, prairie chicken, grouse, woodcock, chukar and Hungarian partridge.
Field Trial Pointer Message Board - Welcome to the Field Trial Pointer Home Page Message Board. This feature is offered to encourage open discussion and debate on matters which might, because of space limitations, suffer editoral influences if they were debated in The American Field. The Field, by necessity (space limitations), sometimes does not print all submissions. Any comments that might be of interest to FDSB Pointer owners, breeders, trainers, etc. are welcome. Please participate and spread the word about the message board.
Field Trial Dogs - Field Trial dogs is a message board to be used for the discussion of American Field Pointers and Setters. AKC field trial people are welcome also. This is NOT a forum for SHOW DOGS. Any comments that might be of interest to FDSB Pointer or Setter owners, breeders, or trainers are welcome.
National Bird hunters Association - The NBHA trials are walking trials held on a singe course as near natural hunting conditions as possible. Quail are liberated around the course before the trials starts. Birds are planted in objective areas where you would expect your dog to encounter wild birds. There are enough birds planted around the course so each dog has a fair opportunity to be judged on his hunting ability.
NAVHDA - The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to foster, promote, and improve the versatile hunting dog breeds in North America; to conserve game by using well trained reliable hunting dogs before and after the shot; and to aid in the prevention of cruelty to animals by discouraging nonselective and uncontrolled breeding, which produces unwanted and uncared for dogs.
NSTRA - The National Shoot-to-Retrieve Field Trial Association's field trials were started by a group of dedicated bird hunters who were looking for a way to extend the fun they enjoyed with their bird dogs after their season ended. Field Trials, under hunting conditions, were the answer. They not only extend the season, they also provide a sportsmanlike environment where they can compete with others who enjoy bird dogs.
Upland Bird Dog - Comprehensive guide to bird dog training, upland bird hunting, and first aid advice for the sport.

Yellow Rose Kennel - Home of the straight-tailed Elhew-bred English Pointer. If you're looking for a gun dog that hunts for you and not you for him, then check out my Elhew bred English Pointers.  After having raised and trained gun dogs for over 25 years, I can say that these dogs have what it takes to be the ultimate in a hunting companion.  They will ensure your game bag is filled to it's limit every day you go hunting if the game is available. - Find Litter Announcements, Started & Finished Hunting Dogs and Studs Available. Whether you are looking for a new puppy or advice on gun dog training techniques and supplies. brings buyers and breeders together. Search for gun dog breeders and kennel reviews before you purchase your next puppy.
SettersUnlimited - SettersUnlimited is a non-profit co-op created to assist individuals interested in English Setters find, research, and follow the top English Setter breeders in the US on a single internet site. SU is an invite only site where only the most accomplished breeders of English Setters in the country have been asked to participate.
Gun Dog Forum - The worst moderated dog forum on the Internet. Don't bother. 
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